Refund Policy

MIS Consultants Anti-Fraud Policy

MIS Consultants values the satisfaction of its clients and will do everything to ensure they get the real value for their money. Our refund policy addresses all your concerns in situations where you need to be reimbursed any fees paid
to us

Early Cancellation of Service

Note that MIS Consultants will not process refund requests for early withdrawal before service completion. Our immigration experts invest a lot of time and effort in service delivery, hence early withdrawal of service denies them the
opportunity to deliver.

Refund Statement To our Clients

The following are various statements to address every refund situation you need to be addressed:

Refund percentage

Refund ratios are only applicable if the full fee of the product is paid, and not just the amount the customer has already paid. If the client falls under any of the clauses mentioned (like changing their mind) or if they haven’t paid
the full fee, refunds won’t be granted.


MIS Consultants does not entertain chargebacks. If a customer disputes a credit card payment that later turns out to be valid, we will not only blacklist them from using our service but also forward any fees and costs beyond their
due dates to collections.

If our team does not recover the amounts, MIS Consultants will report such debts to all credit reporting agencies. And that could ruin the client’s credit score.

Consultancy fee amount

By using our services, clients unequivocally express their understanding and agree that the invoice amount charged is inclusive of our consultation charges and applicable taxes. MIS Consultants will only issue refunds on the consultancy
fee and not the charged tax amount.

Service fee rates

MIS Consultants services are priced according to certain standards that our clients previously agreed to. Any disputes about the rates being too high will not be entertained, and the client will not have a right to dispute because
it was explained to them before they registered.

Bank transaction reversal

Acknowledging that bank and credit card payment is an irreversible transaction, the client understands and accepts that he will not dispute the payment or notify their bank for a chargeback. Clients also agree to notify their banks
that payments to MIS Consultants are genuine, regardless of whether service cancellation was done.

Failure to meet immigration requirements

Every applicant must be aware that different countries have their requirements, especially on availability of funds to finance their stay. Failure by the client to meet those requirements shall not warrant the request for a refund
of the service charge by MIS Consultants.

Clients are strongly advised to check that they have sufficient funds as required by the immigration laws of the country in question.

Non-compliance circumstances

MIS Consultants will not issue refunds based on the client’s non-conformance to immigration protocols and procedure. The following are circumstances where no refunds will be issued whatsoever:

  • Failure to follow the procedure as issued by an embassy or consulate.
  • Failure to show up for interviews.
  • Unsatisfactory medical reports.
  • Luck of sufficient funds for upkeep as required.
  • Application rejection due to late submissions of subsequent document requests by embassies or consulates.
  • Unsatisfactory English proficiency scores.
  • Abandonment of the application process for three months from registration date.
  • Client or family member violation of immigration laws.
  • Broken communication with the embassy or consulate for 3 months

Institutional fees

Any charges or fees paid by the client to immigration authorities, third-party agencies, and other institutions will not be refunded by MIS Consultants. Such fees are the client’s responsibilities and MIS will not honor such refund

Submission of incorrect, fraudulent, or untranslated documents

Immigration authorities categorically state the required documents and their translations should they be in a different language other than that required. Failure to adhere to these requirements by the client will not result in them
requesting for refunds from MIS Consultants. We will not honor, neither entertain such refund claims as the rejection was entirely out of client’s non-adherence to instructions.

Permanent residence/ Green Card Denial

In certain circumstances, clients may have attained the required points on the point-based system to be granted a PR or Green Card but instead denied. The denial could be due to the country in question reaching their cap for a given

In such cases, the client will not request for a refund as cap limit does not form basis for claiming a refund. MIS Consultants will not honor such claims.

Refund Timeline

If you’re looking for your money back, it’s going to take a little while. If your refund request falls under the guidelines of our Terms and Conditions and the service agreement you have with us, we’ll need 15-30 working days to process

Assumptions on service fees

The amount quoted is for the full service only, as of the day you register. It does not include any additional charges for family members or children. Any assumption of such services is at your discretion and the company will not be
held liable.

Client’s honesty on submissions

MIS Consultants does not want any surprises! Clients have to tell us about their criminal records, past conviction, and bankruptcy. If they don’t and they’re found out later, then they’re out of luck when it comes to getting refunds.

General Notice to Clients

Take note of the following general notices about MIS Consultants and the services we deliver to our clients:

  • MIS Consultants fees are paid to us for services listed on the website. All the quotations are given in Indian Rupees or Qatari Riyals, which you agree to pay when due. Payments must be made using one of our accepted methods.
  • MIS Consultants is a private business. We have no government affiliation, so we cannot grant you any type of permit. We can only help you find the right information, guide you in the right direction, and advise you on your options.
    The final decision lies with the relevant government departments in the countries of your choice.
  • We do not tell our clients what to buy. Even if we do offer them a service or product, they are always free to make their own choice. And we certainly cannot be responsible for any decisions they make.
  • If a dispute arises, MIS Consultants will be governed by the laws of India and Qatar. In India, the courts in Hyderabad will have full jurisdiction to settle any disagreement.
  • The client warrants that they have read, understood, and fully agree to all of the stipulations of this agreement.
  • MIS Consultants markets all the products and educates all its clients about the existing opportunities without influence from external forces. We also do not provide any additional products or services other than immigration and
    job search

If you have queries, clarifications, or feel that a refund issue has not been addressed comprehensively, please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist.

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