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Actualise your plan to start a new career or life abroad with our experienced immigration agents in Qatar. They will help you through all the necessary processes ensuring your visa application gets approved seamlessly.
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Let’s plan your next move together and make your immigration a smooth endeavour. We offer you a list of experienced consultants in India who will help you plan your visa application and ensure it gets approved on your first try.
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    Best Immigration Consultant of Qatar, India

    About Us

    MIS Consultancy is a reputable immigration consultancy firm based in Qatar and India with a tradition of offering transparent personalized service with a non-profit approach. As a leader in the industry, we have assisted thousands of travelers going to the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and many other great destinations across the globe.
    Founded in 2019 by experienced immigration professionals with years of practice in the field. Our desire has always been to make it easier for professionals, students, and those seeking better life experiences to migrate in the shortest time possible. We do this by offering the latest immigration information, advice, and transparent charges.

    Our Founders

    Our founders and managing partners having years of experience serving in the immigration industry.

    Their 10 years of experience in the immigration industry is an assurance of how well-versed with immigration laws and requirements of various countries across the globe. They led MIS Consultancy to meet the immigration standards of various countries, aiming it with what it needs to deliver unparalleled immigration assistance.

    Best Immigration Consultants in Qatar

    Let MIS Consultants help you start your new life in Abroad without the stress that is accompanied by the immigration process. We are the best immigration consultants in Qatar. We aim to deliver nothing but the best to our clients—be they individuals or families aspiring to gain a hassle-free visa process. It is also our responsibility to avail ourselves of the best procedures in legal practice and make the clients’ dreams of immigrating to other countries come true.

    Top Immigration Consultants in Qatar:

    Mis consultant is all about professionalism and fairness. This is why all aspects of visa application and retrieval are given particular consideration to ensure minimal or no hitches. We offer accompanying services that will help to make the whole process smooth. Get in touch with us now.
    Moreover, MIS is a trustworthy Visa Consultant in Qatar. We explain everything clearly to our customers, and our commitment distinguishes us as champions in the field. Indeed, we are conversant with your antecedents, and we hold the testimonials of past clients in high regard. We make you shine. Contact us today at +974 7786 8995 to have a brighter future in abroad. You can also mail us at .

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    Our suggestions are not arbitrary but based on your eligibility and immigration requirements.


    How MIS Help You

    Free Assessment

    An ICCRC immigration consultant will check your eligibility to migrate internationally for free based on your experience, skills, age, qualification, etc.


    Get a comprehensive breakdown of the process of obtaining a visa. Our migration consultants will let you know a tentative time frame, things to prepare and required documents.


    Our Immigration consultancy services will help you prepare your documentation with all the necessary guidance. Then, all you have to do is sign them before submission.

    Choose Your Preferred Visa

    Get assistance from our MARA certified consultants

    MIS-Consultants has been counselling skilled professionals from Canada, Australia, etc., to get their visas.

    Family Sponsorship Visa

    This visa lets you study, stay or visit your preferred country, provided you have a willing family sponsorship representative there.

    Business Investor Visa

    It lets you operate a new or existing business in a foreign country, and our immigration agency is here to help you apply for it.

    Visit/Tourist Visas

    With a tourist visa, you can legally tour across another country. To know more contact our skilled immigration consultants.

    Job Seeker Visa

    The job seeker's visa lets you stay abroad and look for jobs. You can apply for this long-term permit via MIS-Consultants.

    Skilled Migration Visa

    As an individual with unique skills, you are eligible for a skilled migration visa that countries offer to attract talented foreigners.

    Study Visa

    A study visa lets you pursue higher studies in another country, and you can easily apply for it by hiring our best immigration services.

    Work Permit/Open Work Visa

    Work permits open new opportunities for individuals by letting them legally work in a foreign country for a limited period.


    Get answers to all your queries related to our services and migration consultants in Qatar and India.

    Good Reasons to Immigrate

    The world has taken the status of a “global village” quite seriously, and most countries encourage foreigners to migrate to their lands. However, if you are still confused about shifting to another country, there are plenty. Here are some of the most impactful reasons you should consider immigrating to a new country.

    Learning New Cultures

    Exposure to another country brings an array of experiences with it. The biggest one of them is meeting new people and learning a new way of living. This culture shift might seem sudden at first, but it is an excellent opportunity to diversify your knowledge and perspective about the world.

    Job Prospects

    Even if your country doesn’t have vacancies for your dream job, there is a high chance some other nations are falling short of it. Also, you might find career prospects that do not even exist in your homeland. Lastly, a job in a foreign location builds up your portfolio immensely.

    Economic Growth

    Many countries readily welcome foreigners because it positively impacts their economy. This, in turn, also helps you get a better package compared to what you would receive in your country. So even if you do not want to settle abroad, temporary immigration for work is a great stepping stone.

    Safer Environment

    Countries like Canada and Australia are considered some of the safest places to live. Moreover, it also offers some of the highest-paying jobs. So, no matter if you immigrate as a student to these countries or as an employee, only great things will wait for you there.


    Having a Permanent Residency Visa



    As a Permanent Resident, you can also apply for citizenship in most countries.



    Countries like Canada will let you enjoy all the health care benefits of a usual Citizen.


    Educational Assistance

    If you choose to pursue education abroad, a P.R. can help you get better assistance for it.


    Sponsor Relative

    Australia lets you sponsor your eligible relatives for a Permanent Residency Visa.


    Lending Facilities

    You can also apply for lending facilities to purchase a property if needed.


    Limitless Work Prospects

    South Africa will also let you work across the county without any limits.


    Immigration - Choose your country!


    Australia is known for its welcoming nature and vivid scenic beauty. So, if you are planning to visit the Land Down Under, contact us and make your visa application process a smooth endeavour. Our skilled Australia immigration
    consultants will ensure your application process is simple and effortless.


    Many peoples travel to Canada to work in their dream company or pursue higher studies every year. However, you will need to get a work permit or a student visa approved by the country. Get help from our Canada immigration consultants
    in Qatar will ensure your application gets through on the first go.


    Germany is known for its cost-effective higher education programs. It offers a job seeker’s visa that lets you simply hunt for jobs while living there. And by hiring MIS-Consultants, you can reach Germany without any difficulty as we guide you through your visa application process.

    United States

    The glamorous lifestyle and unique job profiles in the United States have given rise to the need for exceptional minds in the U.S. workforce. Thus, a specific H1B visa is made for U.S. employers to hire highly-skilled foreign employees. So get on board with us and immigrate to the U.S. effortlessly.

    United Kingdom

    While most believe that foreigners travel to the U.K. primarily for work purposes, many tourists visit the country as well. So be it for a quick tour or work, consult our ICCRC certified consultants to frame the correct approach towards it.

    New Zealand

    Located in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean, this land consists of about 700 small islands apart from its two main landmasses. However, there are also such great universities in the country. If you are planning to go to New Zealand,contact us, and we will help you with all your immigration and visa related needs.


    The scenic beauty of the Republic of Austria attracts swarms of tourists every year, especially during the early days of winter. However, a certain population also visits the country for work and higher study purposes. If you are looking for a simple way to immigrate there, hire our immigration consultants in India or Qatar.

    Hong Kong

    People visit Hong Kong either to try its decadent cuisine or try their luck in one of its many famous companies. Hence, its government offers visas like QMAS tourist and student visas. If you, too, are planning to shift there,contact our immigration consultants in Doha.


    The Scandinavian country is known for being one of the happiest countries in the world. You, too, can become a part of this happiness for the time being by studying or working there. All you have to do is get a work permit, student visa, or tourist visa with the help of our skilled agents.


    Ireland is filled with castles, so much so that the government even lets you purchase one, given you have the means. Some of them are also available to rent temporarily via several renting sites. If a visa approval is all that is stopping you hire our top immigration consultants in India or Qatar to help you with that.

    South Africa

    South Africa is a great place to explore and an even better place to get excellent international work experience. This is because it offers a special critical skilled visa to encourage foreigners to come and work there. So, go ahead and actualise your plan to visit this country by getting your visa via our immigration agency.


    The Spanish people are vibrant and colourful, welcoming individuals from other cultures with open arms. The country lets you legally travel across it with a tourist visa or stay there with a family sponsorship visa. To know more about these visas, speak to our visa consultants in India.

    Clients Feedback

    I got today USA B1/B2 visa approval. Thank You Mr. Ahmed Ali for your support to get 10 years visa for my family. Very professional & happy with the services provided definitely recommended. Thank you, MIS consultancy.

    Chintan Parmar

    I have taken the services of MIS consultants to apply for my US Study visa and got the Admission & Approval. Thanks to Mr. Mohammed & Study team- Mr. Rajesh in helping me in getting my visa. Will be traveling to US next month. Thanks for your support. I recommend others also.

    Niyad Ismail Thenankalil

    I have taken the services of MIS consultants to apply for my UK visa and got the Approval easily. Thanks to Mr. Ravi in helping me in preparation of the documents & follow up on my application. Now I am traveling to UK. Thanks for your support team – MIS.
    I recommend everyone to use their services.

    Ferdaous ben loussaief

    I have been recommended by one of my friends to MIS-Consultants. I have applied for Australia Tourist visa and got visa approval in just 07 days. Due to busy schedule couldn’t able to work documentation but I really appreciate Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Ali in providing extended support in preparing and submitting documents required. Thanks for your support, MIS team. I very happy with services provided and strongly recommend everyone to use their services.

    Fitlife by Neha

    It is when I decided to pursue my career further in a place that supports my background and qualifications. I was looking for an expert consultant who could guide and help me in further taking it further. Since I decided to continue my career after migrating to a country like Australia, MIS Consultant was the first name that came to my notice since they have been doing well in the past few years with a great success record. Being a Civil Engineer, I had consulted them and have got an excellent service. They have provided me the right service with right guidance and helping me receive a positive skill assessment from the concerned authorities in proceeding with my PR application.
    I appreciate the professional services provided by MIS consultants and strongly recommend their service to anyone who seek to migrate.

    rajeev ninan

    I got my Canadian Visit Visa done through MIS consultants and I must say they are the most professional consultants in the city. My special thanks to Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Ali who not only made the process look easy, but also kept me posted with the timely updates.; he always answered my queries and kept the communication very professional. Best wishes to Mr. Ravi and team MIS. Highly recommend!

    Vipin Chowdhary

    I would like to commend the professional staffs of MIS consultancy who has helped me and my family to acquire Immigrant visa for Canada. It has been a struggle since I have just changed my marital status along the process. This company meticulously gathered our documents and checked every detail of our situation after being invited by a province and by that I am 100% sure I was in good hands! I have Express entry but I applied under PNP. After submission last June 2022 right after 2months (August 2022) we received AOR while other friends waited 8 months. Aug 14,2022, we had biometrics in VFS global and then passports were requested and With God’s grace finally we have the visa for all family members!!! We can’t wait to set our foot in Canada soon 🇨🇦


    MIS has provided us highly effective assistance in every aspect. They skillfully provided the advising & overview we needed in the beginning, the reviewing & consolidating of requirements along the way, and also the various paperwork & online submissions. We are deeply grateful to Ms. Cathlene and Mr. Ali, who were very supportive and accommodating the whole way. In a little over a month after submitting my files, I successfully received a positive skill assessment!

    Update: Thank God for His blessings! Got the nomination invite from Australia after just 30 days of submitting EOI & ROI. And after submitting my application with MIS support, it was approved in less than a day!

    Sedrick Dira
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