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The privacy policy of our company is designed in order to bring transparency in the overall business transaction along with the products and services.

Any kind of personal or public details which we demand from our clients during the proceedings is mostly related to the business and are aimed towards the betterment of businesses. We believe that the value of the services increases in this manner. The privacy of the people who are associated with us is very important for us and this is the major reason for setting up this privacy policy. It is also directed for the benefit of the clients. We have designed this privacy policy document to help in the data security of our clients and we have tried to highlight every aspect which may or may not be important for our clients. To be expressed in a nutshell, we have shared our views on how we will handle the personalized information about our clients and procure the data about their requirements in ethical methods.

We have tried to devise methods that are safe and ethical for the collection of data from our customers and partners. We have encompassed the information which has been gathered from the associates as well and have tried to apply this privacy policy to every information which is deemed to be private. This applies to every data which has been collected from our associates and clients unless stated otherwise. We are allowed to change the terms and policies of our privacy statement along with time to keep in touch with the contemporary times and the governmental laws. We ask our customers and associates to go through our privacy policies time and again to make sure that they are updated on the data.

Once you hire any of our services or products, you are also under this privacy policy and the agreement with our company imitates your agreement with this privacy policy as well. The terms and facts which have been mentioned in this document apply to you as well and you have to make sure that you are not breaching any of the points.

Once you have hired our services or have been associated with our business in any manner, even if you have not read the entire chart, it is implied that you have agreed with the points in our privacy policy. If you have any doubt or suspicion regarding the document, we advise you against using any of our services. It is strongly advised for each client and associate to go through the document before taking up any of our services to make sure that none of the points are disadvantageous for you. It is advised that you go through the document as a whole meticulously.

The term which has been used in the first person in this document like “We”, “Our” and “Us” has been used to indicate the identity of “MIS” and by the second person terms like “You” and “Your” has been used to Indict the associates and clients. Whenever we use the term personal information, it is used to signify the information which has been asked by the clients or which can be used while we deliver our services.

Who Are ‘We’?

MIS is one of the immigration companies which has its headquarters in Qatar. Our services are mainly for Canada and you can visit our ‘About Us’ page for more information about our company. You can even find our contact details on the ‘Contact Us’ page and communicate with us as feasible.

Type Of Personal Information We Collect

Our work usually concerns collecting information regarding the IP address and the actions of a user on our website. We also keep a note about the links which are clicked on by the user and the files which are downloaded by them along with email analytics data and frequently used terms by the users on our official portal. Whenever a user asks for our services, we ask for some additional information to verify the identity of the user. We collect the basic details of a person like a name, contact details, e-mail, correspondence address, and time zone. These are extremely essential for any company while registering a new user. We also initiate discussions regarding the financial information of the credit cards and wire transfer. We are concerned about tax numbers and other personal information. Transactional attachment and descriptions are also taken into account.

This kind of information is essential for the users to conduct communication procedures with the immigration experts of our company. Whenever you are browsing through our official website, we can collect a certain amount of technical data which we can use to send replies to your queries. We can also notify you about the important information regarding our services. We help our new users through this method to create proper communication and understand their requirements. This transparency also helps us to collect proper feedback from the users regarding our services.

Type Of Information Collected From First-Time Browsers

The technical data which is collected by our web portal is related to the browsing experiences like the number of pages visited, the average time spent on the online platform, IP address, and cookies. These data are collected to understand the behavior of a user when he or she lands on our portal. None of this information is collected for breaching the privacy of the user. All of them are collected to create a portal that is more friendly. This has helped us to create services beneficial for our users.

How Do We Collect The User’s Details?

The only purpose of data collection is to make our web portal more customer-friendly and better for usage by the layman. We have classified our data collection methods into three major categories which have been mentioned in the following section.

Direct Information

The information which we collect directly from our users has been classified as direct information. We ask this of them before registering them on our website.

Automatic Information

This information is demanded by our users when they are on our portal.

Information From Third Parties

This type of information is collected from the existing public for the use of the associates. This information is related to the social media accounts and is often procured by the marketing partners.

Policy To Use Collected Personal Information

We collect information about the user in order to provide better services through immigration consultancy. The major purpose of collecting information is to maintain a continuous stream of communication with our clients to initiate and continue transactional attachments along with events and notifications essential for their services. Tips and practices are also shared.

We are entitled to use your contact details and phone number to initiate our promotional information in the form of images, graphics, and links. We use this information for ethical purposes like promotion of services and this can also help you to update yourself regarding our discounts and offers.

We mostly use the personal details of the users to ensure that they receive their required notification and provide their opinions regarding our services. Our technical experts usually use the client information to resolve any kind of procedural issues that may be faced by first-time users while getting into our web portal.

We do not share the user data with the associated parties. Our personal marketing team is responsible for analyzing customer behavior to ensure that our services are useful for our clients. If you are not ready to share your personal information, you can limit this service completely or partially according to your need and discretion.

Circumstances Under Which We May Disclose Users Personal Information

Even if it is not our intention, sometimes we may have to disclose your information to third parties who are associated with us. The situations have been described below.

  • We reveal the information about the user to legal and financial advisors exclusively to avoid any kind of reputational risk. This is required for us to guard our intellectual property rights
  • If the government regulators or authorities ask for any particular user information we have to disclose it to comply with the rules and regulations of the government. Whenever law enforcement authorities deem any specific user as unlawful or related to illegal proceedings, we may disclose the user information to the respective party

However, other than the reasons which have been specified above, we have no intentions of sharing or renting your personal information in exchange for monetary details with any other party. We restrict and discourage our associated parties to forward any advertising text messages which may or may not be related to marketing to our clients. We restrict these activities in an effort to respect your security and personal details.

Security Practices Adopted For The Safety Of Users Data

The security of the personal information of all our users is our prime concern and to achieve ultimate safety, we make sure that the best IT security practices are used to store the personal details. We make sure that only a few staff have access to the functionalities and operations related to the personalized information and restrict the access of other staff. The server system which we own is independent and secure to keep the user information absolutely airtight. The encryption methods which are followed by us are extremely advanced and they also include two-factor authentication to avoid any kind of information loss or illegal activity. Password authentication is induced to avoid and lawful admittance or information theft. We also carry out an evaluation of security measures regularly to make sure that they are updated and operationally suitable.

To ensure your perfect security, we can store your data in a third country according to our store policy. The rules and regulations of the other country may be different from your own and these are taken into account while storing the information.

Policy To Use Cookies

Whenever a user uses our web portal, some of their information is stored by our server in the form of cookie data. Cookie data is related to the information of your domain, date of browsing, and IP addresses along with the number of times you have visited our web page. Operating systems and referrals are also recorded.

We use the cookie data to help our users to find better results through web analytics. They help us to validate the newly registered users and reset user facilities. The cookie data helps us to polish our services to match the requirement of the user and increase the efficiency of different promotional activities.

As the government has laid its laws, cookie data gets raised from our system after a certain time period. We allow our users to access our services without cookies and this choice allows you to protect your privacy. User discretion is maintained by definite modifications to debar cookies.

Time Period For Keeping User’s information Safely And Professionally

We use the personal information of a client for specific periods which are essential for delivering our services. Sometimes due to legal obligation and governmental procedures, we may preserve the information for a time greater than the service delivery. As soon as legal and policy applications are removed, we can eradicate sensitive information from our system. Most of this information is maintained anonymously.

No Responsibility In Case Harm Takes Place Due To Our Digital Correspondence

We are emphasizing the fact that we are not accountable or liable for the safety of our emails or phone calls. The same can be said about promotional information which includes but is not limited to images, flyers, videos, animations, etc. This safety factor is mentioned in terms of viruses. We recommend all of our users to use appropriate description methods to access any of the promotional information. We are not to be held accountable for any method of hacking or damaging personal information due to the opening of our website. We are not responsible for any kind of financial or data loss and we will not compensate in case our users face any such loss because of opening our web portal or any of the forwarded promotional messages.

Can We Change This Current Privacy Policy?

We can modify, amend or delete any of the points mentioned in our privacy policy without taking the consent of any or all of our investors or users. The policy is designed to your discretion and we will mention the last revision date on the top of the privacy document. If any changes are included it will automatically be revised into a new date. We may or may not inform our users regarding the changes in the privacy policy and it is advised that they keep a close eye on our website at regular intervals to avoid any kind of miscommunication.


Whether you have thoroughly gone through this privacy policy document or not, if you are taking our services, you are involuntarily agreeing with our privacy policy. This privacy policy is a legal obligatory agreement which is signed between you and us. You are providing consent to use in disclosing personal information to deliver our services. We emphasize reading the privacy policy document before using any of our services.

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