Anti-Fraud Policy

MIS Consultants Anti-Fraud Policy

MIS Consultants values honesty and customer relations; we are guided by a strong code of conduct and policies to ensure satisfaction. Our anti-fraud policy is a set of guidelines that our immigration consultancy agency has created
and adheres to in order to protect ourselves and our clients from fraudulent activities.

Anti-fraud Statement Notice to Clients

Kindly read our anti-fraud policy statements on various matters:

Statement on payments made to MIS Consultants

You have a right to request a receipt for your payment. MIS Consultants has implemented a robust system that instantly acknowledges all payments made to us via an email and a receipt. Our payment system will send all the invoices to
clients via email.
For any queries about payments and receipts, kindly send us an email, and we will address your concerns in 24 hours.

Unofficial /Side agreements with MIS Consultants

MIS Consultants is dedicated to ensuring that all client requests are quickly attended to, and feedback is given. We discourage our clients from making unofficial agreements or arrangements with any employees, including payments.

If any of our staff reaches out to you with a promise to do any off-book manipulation of your profile in exchange for an additional fee, please contact us immediately. We are driven by honesty and shun such behavior.
Kindly note that MIS Consultants is not liable for any agreement between you and the employee or their references if you engage such fraudulent staff without informing us. If any employee asks you to pay extra to expedite any process,
kindly let us know immediately.

We will follow up on the matter get your money back while taking action against such staff. But in the first place, we do not encourage bypassing our official channels. Every transaction or dealing must follow MIS Consultants’
official channel.

Submitting Fraudulent Documents

MIS Consultants is at the forefront of ensuring our clients’ applications are submitted on time and get a timely response. We accept all submissions with the understanding that the documentation is authentic and is a client of good

We accept clients’ cases based on information provided, which we presume to be correct and genuine. Any false or misleading information provided by a client will result in immediate termination of the submitted portion of
their case by MIS Consultants.

MIS Consultants is not responsible if you provide incorrect or misleading information. We do not carry out the documentation or offer assistance with acquiring required documents during visa application submissions. We assume
that the client has taken the time to gather the necessary documents and has submitted genuine documentation.

MIS Consultants’ employees strictly adhere to the highest standards of legal compliance. Employees found violating our strict policies will be dealt with swiftly and severely. Please be notified that we are committed to ensuring
that your information is always safe and secure with us.

How To Avoid Being Conned During Your Visa Application Process

MIS Consultants cares for its clients and will do all everything to prevent loss or misinformation from fraudulent activities. We have strict guidelines that our employees operate on. However, it is the client’s sole responsibility
to stay safe and avoid being duped in the visa application process. To avoid losing money to malpractices, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not trust any dishonest MIS Consultants staff into believing that they can get you a visa through dishonest paperwork. The application will not be accepted by the consulate or embassy of the country in question. You could also
    face an investigation for fraudulent practices. Please note that MIS Consultants does not offer documentation or process visa applications
  • When someone promises you anything in exchange for a fee or tries to convince you that they can influence the processing of your visa application, know that that is a scam. Only authorized visa agents of the respective country
    of application can determine the outcome of the visa.
  • Do not be duped into believing anyone masquerading as visa officials from an embassy or consulate. Visa officials will never meet applicants anywhere other than their official designated workplaces.
  • Be keen and cautious when dealing with any website that claims to be a government website or a service partner site. All information regarding visa applications should only be retrieved from the official government website of the
    country you intend to visit.
  • Always be alert and stay away from visa or overseas job scams. Before handing over personal details, money, or passport, be thoughtful. If their promises sound very juicy and easy to get, it’s a sounding alarm for a scam.
  • If any staff, whether from MIS Consultants or any visa agency, request you to submit fake documentation or a fraudulent dealing, always desist. Before approval of your visa applications, the immigration office of the country in
    question must cross-check your details with India or Qatar. If they are fake, you will get caught and might be denied entry for a long time.

Fraud Tolerance Overseas – What You Should Know

Students and work immigrants looking for a better life will not be denied their chance to study or live in Canada, the UK, Australia, or the USA. Immigration services in these countries will continue to welcome students and workers
from India or Qatar with open arms. As long as students are attending their program of study or migrant workers have secured a job, they can immigrate freely without worries.

An applicant is more likely to be denied entry into these countries if they have made a false declaration. Immigration authorities in these countries have advanced technologies for identifying fraud. Also, they coordinate with
immigration authorities of other countries, including India or Qatar, to detect fraudulent activities in visa applications.

While the process of acquiring residency visas is often confusing and difficult to understand, immigration authorities do not tolerate fraud and abuse. The immigration authorities of these countries have a zero-tolerance policy
towards any misuse of the immigration system. Any form of false or forged education certificates or language certificates will be detected and processed accordingly once you apply for a visa.

Using false documentation can deny your visa application and cause a long-term ban against visiting these countries. You could potentially face conviction by the Indian or Qatari authorities as well.

Applicants are strongly advised to follow keenly on their visa applications to ensure that every required document is submitted accordingly. You have the responsibility of ensuring that the agency you used is genuine, has a
track record of performance, and can be trusted.

Securing Jobs Locally and Abroad

MIS Consultants is an Indian and Qatari-based firm and has connections with placement agencies and recruiters in India, Qatar, and abroad. We help candidates find suitable job opportunities abroad, but we do not guarantee that employment
will be granted nor charge fees for the jobs secured by candidates. If you face misconduct from an MIS Consultants employee about finding you a job abroad at a fee, please do not hesitate to inform us.

Assurances and Guarantees

Please note that MIS Consultants does not offer guarantees or assurances for applications done with assistance from our consultancy services. Our employees are also not allowed to give any warranties.

Our objective is to advise and guide applicants about jobs abroad and immigration matters. Visas are offered upon satisfactory meeting the immigration requirements of the country in question. Likewise, only employers can give
guarantees on job issuance.

For any grievances, queries, complaints, or compliments, please contact our team for quick assistance.

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